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"Now You Can Install And Create Your Own PHP Scripts, Enhance Your Web Pages & Design Interactive Communities All By Mastering The Power of PHP Programming!"

... It's Not As Hard As You Think!

If you have always wondered how PHP programmers are making a fortune creating useful and profitable scripts, or you just want to save a ton of time and money by learning how to install scripts on your server, Five Minute PHP is a comprehensive tutorial guide that will take you through the basics of PHP programming.

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages used by coders and web developers, and fortunately, it's also one of the easiest to master.

Better yet, if you want to take control of your website in a whole new way, PHP can make it exceptionally easy to manage your entire website, update templates on the fly, and add polls, surveys and other useful tools that will help you get more out of every single area of your website.

Eugene Humbert You've helped me get my head around PHP for the first time.

Your demos did what reading about PHP didn't do... make it understandable to me in a way that finally penetrated my thick skull.

Thank you ever so much for the videos. They were above and beyond what I expected when I bought the Five Minute PHP e-book from you. What a pleasant surprise! I'm not into marketing myself, I create web sites. I've been able to program in HTML for years, but PHP had always escaped me.

Eugene Humbert
Strasburg, Colorado

Thanks very much for all the videos.

The biggest thing that I have taken away so far, that wasn't explained in the ebook, but was in your video, is that a redirection URL is completely protected using PHP. I now have to find some time to change all my redirections where I have been using plain html!

Thanks for that Robert.

Chris Harris
Westerham, Kent, UK

As usual, you've greatly exceeded your mandate! One of the many things that impressed me about your videos that accompany your book, Five Minute PHP, is the way that you include everything you do - typos too.

Anyone who has come to a computer language for the first time will have experienced the utter frustration of typing something in and being rewarded with an error message.

Everything looks fine, at first, but as you show people, even a punctuation mark in the wrong place can be the difference between success and failure.

I definitely wish you had been around in my first days! I'd happily recommend Five Minute PHP to anyone considering either getting their toes wet in PHP as a programmer, or even as someone looking to simply demystify it.

It should be called "First Rate PHP"!

Mike Russell

Five Minute PHP is a masterpiece in the making.

I have found this release of yours to be an absolute goldmine of information, which has and will continue to help me create my current and future sites that I have planned.

I am sure that it would either have taken me a ton of time or a hell of a lot more in the way of spending out on other resources or maybe even outsourcing certain projects that I have now been able to complete with ease, thanks to the step by step guides in the videos.

Keep up the great work!!

Sean Fowler
Watford, UK

I've spent hours editing scripts to fit my needs because PHP was always more of a hit or miss effort to use. As you know, it's the little things like punctuation that make or break code. This is where I found Five Minute PHP to be of great value. It's like watching the book come alive.

My last script I edited took minutes instead of hours thanks to Five Minute PHP.

Linda Moore

Your Five Minute PHP Help Videos was for me a brilliant experience, to see the php from the other perspective and what you can do with it.

Easy to understand and it's giving me some ideas, to do more with my sites.

Thank you,
Stawros Peskitzoglou
Katerini, Greece

Robert you wouldn't believe just how important your video tutorials have been for me. You see I had just gotten my first paid programing job and I had to connect to an existing database in one of those e commerce template sites, to say the least, they don't make it very easy. When I asked in their forum they said what I need would be a custom job and I'd have to go elsewhere to get help.

I was able to add a new field to an existing database and then connect to it and display the data. I know you do it all day long but this was my first stab at it and I did wait patiently for the Five Minute PHP videos on the mysql subject to get here, still believing you'd show me the way.

When I received that Mysql video series I was so pleased and so was the person I was working for ,very pleased when I told " I did it!" and he responded "hahahahahahahaha I KNEW you'd do it. And frankly, that's quite impressive."

Rick Franklin

The biggest plus has been being able to understand what's happening in some of the existing PHP scripts I use, where I've been able to use what I've learnt from Five Minute PHP to tweak them to customize them a little.

This saved me a lot of time searching forums etc for the answers.

The videos are a great addition to the book, they make it really easy to grasp the concepts of PHP.

Duncan MacIntyre
Derbys, United Kingdom

Thanks for making the Five Minute PHP videos available.

The very best thing was the way you broke everything down into 5 minute chunks. I had in mind to learn php for quite a while but it was only the idea that it could be done 5 minutes at a time that I actually did it.

Janice Small
Edinburgh, Scotland

Robert Plank's training videos for Five Minute PHP are excellent. The course itself was already terrific, but adding the videos made it even easier to understand and use.

I have learned so much about using PHP that I can now tackle problems and issues that used to require calling in an "expert."

Sam Knoll
Virginia Beach, Virginia

You've done more to teach me some basic (and even more advanced) PHP skills than any other person or resource.

You provided exceptional quality and over delivered on a product that wasn't very expensive to begin with, and then you CONTINUED to over deliver with a series of 34 videos to help us learn PHP even further.

Your diligence and over delivery has made a definite fan out of me in a day and age where few ever earn that honour. I continue to delete mail and unsubscribe from lists of owners who only ever offer to SELL me something, but I read all your emails and often buy your products and will continue because of the tremendous value you offer.

Thank you,

Tim Southernwood

Kevin Brown I have recently started creating Wordpress blog themes, specifically designed for internet marketing.

Your Five Minute PHP course has turned "trial and LOTS of error" into "trial and (often) get it right first time. Thank you.

Kevin Brown
Kent, England

Here is just some of what you can do with PHP:

  • Most of your favorite websites use PHP to create well managed, interactive and fun communities. Now you can add "stickiness" to your website, just the same!
  • If you have ever wanted to know how to set up and configure a blog, customize scripts so they work better for you, install a forum or a guestbook, learning PHP is essential.
  • Use PHP to develop your own scripts and earn money through freelance work, or by selling your scripts on your own websites! Developers are making a fortune by offering useful scripts that add value to websites. Get in on the action!
  • There is really no limit to what you can do once you master the craft of PHP programming. Bring your ideas to life, and add one of the most useful (and profitable) skills to your portfolio, with our easy-to-follow guide to PHP programming.

Let's Be Completely Honest Here...

If you are at all interested in learning PHP then I am sure you have looked up a few tutorials and maybe even glanced at some of the PHP books available in your local bookstore.

The problem is, you and I both know that as soon as you pick that book off the shelf, hand the bookstore cashier a couple of crisp $20 bills (still warm from the ATM machine), and get that book home... you've have lost the battle.

Jim Davies Thanks for the PHP course! I feel much more confident venturing into the wonderful world of PHP now that I have finished the course. I am now going to up convert my existing site ( into a wordPress site and add a lot of updates using the PHP scripts that you taught me how to build and adding some of my own. I am also going to add a lot of the SEO tricks that you cover in the follow up to your WordPress on Crack product.

I am sure that the increase in traffic that I will experience will pay me back handsomely for my time.

You remind me of a young man I worked with in the Community College who even looks a bit like you. He was clear and concise in his explanations of how things worked or why they didn't. We did some development with an old product called SuperBase4. You will probably have to look that up in the dusty archives! We helped out an independent Insurance adjuster who did an amazing amount of work after the old Oakland hills fire storm a couple of decades ago. It was satisfying to help people get back what they really deserved and rebuild their homes rather than accept the rip-off payments being offered by the big insurance companies.

Keep up the good work and I hope to become one of your more successful affiliates!

Jim Davies - The Web Professor

Sure, you flip back and forth through a few pages, break out a yellow highlighter and take note of a few interesting points in the lengthy introduction section... but then what?

Six months from now: That PHP book will be sits on your "graveyard" -- also known as your home bookshelf -- surrounded by a bunch of other books you want to read but never have the time to. Self-help books, cooking books, how to speak Spanish...

Two years from now: The book is listed on eBay for 5 dollars just to earn some extra feedback... or maybe you'll just trade it in at the used bookstore for 10% of its value... only to buy another book that you'll never read.

Let's BREAK That Cycle... NOW!

Imagine this scenario instead. After buying that "how to program PHP" book and taking home, you learn over your bed to pick up your phone, call up the publisher and say...

"I'm trying to learn to program some simple PHP scripts... but I'm such a procrastinator. I know that if you came over to my house once a day, just for about five minutes MAXIMUM, sat down next to me at my computer... I would know all this stuff in a week or two. Can we start tonight?"

What's the response? For a while, there's dead silence. The customer service representative silences his end of the call to laugh at your ridiculous request. After un-muting, he gives you a canned response explaining how you only paid 40 dollars for a book and that doesn't include any sort of follow-up training.

Sucks, doesn't it? Well, how about this...

Because I Really Want To Have Your Present And Future Business...

I'll Take You Up On That Offer!

After you download yourself a copy of Five Minute PHP (it's instantly downloadable so you don't have to wait for any book to arrive in the mail)...

I will send you an e-mail EVERY single day -- with a quick five minute video showing you what you can do with PHP -- for an entire month.

In these videos, you see my computer screen and you hear me talk. It's EXACTLY like looking over my shoulder as I go through every single page of Five Minute PHP and explain how to create PHP scripts... from scratch!

If five minutes a day is too slow for you... no big deal... you can skip ahead and read the rest of the e-book.

Just writing to thank-you for the Five Minute PHP course.

John Gallagher As I mentioned on the phone I worked as a professional computer programmer and systems designer. However, I have not done that type of work for about 20 years.

I have been using the internet in the marketing efforts of my current business. It had become evident to me that the ability to understand the language of the internet was going to be important.

Your course was terrific in helping me to understand the basics. In fact it has resurrected an interest to get back to creating systems.

Today's tools are much more powerful than the old days of IBM mainframes and green and white text screens.

Five Minute PHP has given me the basics. Your teaching and presentation methods are excellent. In fact I just purchased your Full Blast PHP and I look forward to learning and applying more of your teachings.

Thanks, again.

John Gallagher, Real Estate Broker
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

The guide is over 70 pages long and contains examples and step by step instructions on how to seize the power of PHP and put it to use for you!

Once again, if you think 70 pages is too much for you... all you need is five minutes per day for a month, to watch the daily videos I send to you.

You do NOT have to read some boring textbook, page by page, word for word, to learn PHP.

You do NOT have to be a computer geek.

You just need to be the kind of person that knows how to watch a simple video and can cut-n-paste.

If you are ready to begin your journey into the world of PHP programming, click below to purchase the guide. You will gain instant access to the members area where you can download the entire package!

Why Pay Me to Write PHP Scripts When You Can Crank Out an Unlimited Number of Them Yourself?

Robert Plank
BS.CompSci, CSU Stanislaus

Special Bonus: "Learn HTML Fast!"

Tired of Throwing Away Your Hard-Earned Money By Outsourcing HTML Page Creation?

Whether you are just beginning in Internet Marketing or have been around for awhile, some of you simply haven't gotten around to learning any HTML yet.

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This simple, no-assumptions guide to learning basic HTML is 43 pages of instructional, step-by-step, sample-oriented learning material. You could easily go through this guide in an hour or two and begin creating your own webpages!

In this guide I step you through:

  • The Basic Framework of an HTML Page
  • The Header, Title, and Metatags
  • Text Color, Size, and Font
  • Centering Text, Bold/Italics/Underline
  • Special Characters in HTML
  • Background Images and Colors
  • Headers, Images, and Links
  • Tables and Paypal Buttons
  • Creating a Functional Sales and Download Page

In short, I take you from knowing nothing about HTML to being able to create a sales page formatted like this one (or many others you see online).

Every step of the way is covered in examples and screenshots. You will not get confused!

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